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Equal Rights Means...

...Civil Rights and Criminal Justice. Black and brown lives matter.

America's criminal justice system is in dire need of reforms to remove the inherent racism within it.

For example, we must stop locking up non-violent offenders, and cease mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent, drug-related offenses. Additionally, no person or entity should profit off the jailing of human beings. If elected, Will Fisher will pursue legislation that forbids the use of for-profit prisons and creates a phase-out prior to the year 2022.

Will Fisher also supports increased federal support for community policing, ending the war on drugs, and adopting a rehabilitative corrections system, rather than the pointless and ineffective retributive system currently in place. These changes to America's criminal justice system will lead to improved relations between police and communities of color, which will be to everyone's benefit.

The death penalty is a pox on American society. It has no benefit, but in turn has immense costs, financially and morally. America must move into the modern world and leave ancient punishments behind.

...Women's Rights. The war on women must end.

We must emphasize that women and girls are valuable and that they are not limited by their gender. Women deserve every equal opportunity as men. According to the US Department of Labor, however, women make approximately 78 cents for every dollar of a man's pay. Women of color face an even larger wage gap: For every dollar a white man makes, African-American women make 64 cents. Latina women—only 56 cents.  As such, Will Fisher is a vocal proponent that women should receive equal pay for equal work.

As for reproductive rights, Will Fisher is a strong proponent for reproductive justice. Women should have full control over their reproductive systems.

It is in everyone's interests that the number of abortions in this country be reduced by making abortions less necessary. However, restricting access to safe abortive procedures does not effectively limit the number of abortions. Restricting access only makes women's healthcare less safe.

The data is clear: science-based sex education and pregnancy prevention via birth control are the most effective ways to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, and therefore, the number of abortions.

...LGBTQ Rights and Equality. Love is love, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Federal legislation should be enacted to protect individuals from gender-based discrimination. Full equality under the law includes:

  • Equal opportunities for LGBTQ parents to build families and provide loving homes to children.
  • Freedom to nurture meaningful, personal relationships without exclusion or penalties from the state or from employers.
  • Safe schools and safe learning environments for LGBTQ students, free from fear or harm.
  • Protection from discrimination of transgender people and equal rights on the job and in our schools. Clear transgender protections should be added to existing laws to prevent passage of shameful, prejudicial legislation, such as so-called “bathroom bills”.

Will Fisher is fighting for full and equal rights for all, and will continue to work for laws which protect everyone’s dignity, regardless of how they look or who they love.

...Disability Rights and Access. Disability rights are human rights.

Americans with disabilities include our seniors, our veterans, and our children. Some estimates have as much as 50% of the baby boomer generation becoming disabled as they grow older. Disability issues are intersectional, especially impacting women's wages, special education needs of our children, and police interactions with people of color.

Will Fisher supports increased enforcement of ADA compliance, but understands the difficulties small businesses face in achieving full compliance. As such, public funding should be available to help certain small businesses make the necessary facility adjustments to achieve full compliance.