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All About Will Fisher

To feel confident voting for me, you need to know not just what I stand for, but also who I am and how I got here. My name is Will Fisher. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, raised by two hard working and loving parents. My mom was a fifth grade teacher and my father spent 30 years working for a heavy equipment manufacturer. My parents raised me and my five siblings in a conservative religious home where mutual respect, empathy, equality, and justice were taught and exemplified. We were taught to not judge or condemn others because they were different, and were expected to respect the dignity that is within all human beings.

As a youth I participated in scouting, eventually earning the rank of Eagle Scout – to my mother's delight. I served in my church, finding opportunities there to serve the less fortunate, such as feeding the homeless and making visits to home bound elderly. In school I excelled, making and achieving academic goals, and eventually becoming valedictorian of my high school graduating class. After high school, feeling an urge to spend some time serving others, I went on a two-year mission trip to Brazil, learning Portuguese and Spanish along the way, and learning a lot about myself. Those two years were critical in forming me as the person I am today. I saw real poverty, and experienced just an inkling of the struggles that many immigrants must feel in coming to our country. Coming home from Brazil I attended college at Brigham Young University, met and married my wife, Morgan, and continued to Law School at the University of Oregon, where I decided to become a business lawyer.

Currently I am a proud husband, father, Texan Democrat, and practicing business lawyer. Married for 12 years, my wife and I are proud parents of two smart and energetic girls who attend elementary school in Flower Mound. As a father I want to pass down the values that I learned as a child: to love people wherever they are, to yearn for justice, mercy, and equality, and to value the inherent dignity of the human soul.

I'm proud to have put down roots and settled my family in Texas. I came for the economic opportunities, but soon learned that what made Texas special was its people. Good people with big hearts. I believe in fairness, justice under the law, and equality of opportunity, and I have a soft heart for those disadvantaged in our society. I believe we're at our best as Americans when we're diverse, and that ensuring minority groups have every opportunity and legal protection as the majority makes us a stronger, more vibrant nation. I believe that love is love, regardless of gender. Most of all, I believe that we'll never be fully free so long as we allow inequality and injustice to persist.

I believe the majority of us share at least some of these same values, yet none of these beliefs are being recognized by our current representatives. Instead, many of those in D.C. have put their own interests above those of their consituents, and vote for legislation that for some is the difference between life or death.

I believe we all deserve better than the representation our current leaders are providing, and by working together we can elect representatives who reflect our shared values.

These are the reasons I'm running for Congress! My team and I are fired up, and like you, we're working hard to flip this district. I invite you join me in this effort.