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Tax Relief: For Middle Class And Small Businesses

Our politicians are selling us a bill of goods when they tell us that "trickle down economics" will raise working and middle class wages and put more in the average American's pockets. A growing economy should benefit all Americans, regardless if you work in a business or invest in one. Will Fisher believes in providing tax relief to the middle class, simplifying the tax return process to reduce tax preparation fees paid by American families, ensuring everyone pays their fair share, closing tax loopholes, and providing tax relief to small businesses so they continue to grow.

Too many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and a middle class lifestyle—home ownership, access to affordable healthcare and childcare, retiring with dignity—is becoming harder to hold onto. Meanwhile, corporate profits continue to skyrocket, but workers have not shared in this prosperity through rising wages. Critical services such as child care, health care, and education are ignored by state and federal budgets, while the investment class is enjoying record growth. No person, no company, should be able to avoid paying their fair share back into society - the society that invested in them and their families.

Historically, small businesses have generated two-thirds of all new American jobs. Few small business owners find themselves in a tax bracket high enough to benefit from the same, lower tax rates currently enjoyed by big businesses. Tax relief is an important way we can support small businesses so that they make it through the critical start-up period, hire more workers, and expand.

Will Fisher will fight for a level playing field that shuts down inequitable corporate tax loopholes. He will fight for and continue supporting fairer tax breaks for small businesses. The revenue raised by simplifying the tax code can then be reinvested in middle class families and small businesses, ensuring continued economic growth and more good-paying jobs for everyone.